EPDM Rubber Roofing, Wilmington, NC

We offer EPDM rubber roofing for durable, flexible protection from the elements.

One of the most popular commercial roofing materials on the market today is EPDM rubber roofing. EPDM stands for ethylene propylene diene terpolymer, the names for this material’s primary molecular ingredients. Of these, the natural gas and oil derivatives ethylene and propylene make up the lion’s share of this roofing material. These compounds create a durable material available in a variety of widths that will stand up well in a wide variety of outdoor conditions. We at Carolinas Best Roofing recommend EPDM rubber roofing to many local business owners, and we thought we’d take the time to go over some of its benefits.

EPDM Rubber Roofing in Wilmington, North Carolina

  • Resists abrasion and weathering- All roofing materials will undergo some wear and tear over time, but EPDM is highly resistant to damage from friction, water, and temperature changes. This means that EPDM rubber roofing will continue to look great and perform well for years to come.
  • Durable against thermal shock- Sudden or dramatic changes in temperature can have a negative impact on many materials, as the rapid contraction or expansion from the cold or heat can cause it to break or tear. We at Carolinas Best Roofing know that the Wilmington, North Carolina area is often subject to abrupt changes like this, but fortunately EPDM rubber roofing is highly resistant to this kind of thermal shock.
  • Flexible in cold temperatures- One of the reasons that low temperature extremes can damage roofing materials is that the cold causes them to contract, making them rigid and brittle. In this state many materials become more susceptible to damage, but EPDM rubber roofing retains its flexibility even in cold temperatures, so you won’t have to worry about a cold snap damaging your roof.

If you are interested in reaping the benefits of EPDM rubber roofing for your business, call our team at Carolinas Best Roofing today.

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