Commercial Roof Inspection, Greensboro, NC

Find out what’s wrong with your roof with a comprehensive inspection.

At Carolinas Best Roofing, we have extensive experience working with commercial clients throughout the Greensboro, North Carolina area. Your roof is an essential component of your building, so if you suspect something isn’t right, it’s critical that you contact our team right away for a commercial roof inspection.

Commercial Roof Inspection in Greensboro, North Carolina

During the commercial roof inspection process, a few key things will occur:

  • We will closely examine the roofing records and interview those who work in the building regarding their experiences. For example, we will inquire whether employees know about any leaks, when leaks occur, and how often leaks may happen.
  • We will carefully examine the roof’s interior system for leaks and water stains.
  • After analyzing the roof from the interior part of the building, we will inspect the building envelope for out-of-the-ordinary defects.
  • Then, we will switch to the top of the building and closely inspect the rooftop for standing pools of water, debris, signs of abuse, vegetation, and abnormal wear and tear.
  • In some cases, leaks can come from equipment and accessories that are in poor condition or were improperly installed. We will examine drains, flashing, and other pieces of equipment that could have an impact.
  • We will then come up with solutions tailored towards the roof’s specific needs to repair or replace it and ensure its functionality moving forward.

To schedule a commercial roof inspection, please contact us at Carolinas Best Roofing today. We are ready and waiting to help, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

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