Leaking Roof, Greensboro, NC

Are you watching for the signs of a leaking roof? You should be!

Here in Greensboro, North Carolina, we certainly have our fair share of rainy days. While the rain does wonders for the plants and greenery that we are able to enjoy, it certainly isn’t welcome when you have a leaking roof! A leaking roof can cause all sorts of other damage to your property when not taken care of quickly and correctly. With a leaking roof, you open your structure up to property damage like mold and rot, both of which can weaken the roof structure. When you have issues with a leaking roof, there’s no one better in Greensboro to call than our team at Carolinas Best Roofing!

Leaking Roof in Greensboro, North Carolina

There are several signs that can warn you of a leaking roof, even before you start to see water coming in. For example, if you have an asphalt roof, watch your rain gutters after a rainstorm. If you see a lot of asphalt granules being washed off your roof, your roof is showing its age and might be leaking somewhere. Another thing you can do is to simply look up when you are inside. Check your ceilings for water spots. Even if the spots look and feel dry, you should have a professional come and check for a leaking roof– especially if the spot grows after heavy rains or has a brown ring along the outer edge. Finally, check your interior and exterior walls for signs of water damage. If you check where your exterior walls meet the roofline, those areas should be dry. Water spots can be indicative of water damage.

If you suspect you might have a leaking roof, we want to help stop that leak. Give us a call today here at Carolinas Best Roofing.

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