Thinking of moving soon and don’t know if you should spend the extra money to fix it up? Everyone looking to sell their home, ask the same question. There can be many benefits on both sides when it comes to fixing up your home so that you can make some extra money when selling.

Selling Your Home As A Fixer-Upper

If you are looking for a quick, easy move then selling a fixer-upper might seem attractive. However, it is important to note that the price that you will get won’t be as admirable as a move-in ready home.

Fixer-uppers allow new homeowners to customize their home by taking care of the renovations themselves, which can be enticing. On the other hand, when most people say they want a fixer-upper what they really mean is they will allow for wall painting, carpet/flooring removal and replacement, and changing out appliances. Potential buyers are often turned off by major projects that need to be taken care of immediately and will use that to negotiate the price.

Selling Your Home As Move-In Ready

A lot of buyers love when a home is move-in ready. While it does not allow for the same customization options that a fixer-upper does – it makes the moving process easier for the buyer. In addition, you will get that wow factor that comes from the attractive curbside appeal.

As a homeowner looking to sell, it is noteworthy to acknowledge that “move-in ready” does not always mean fully furnished and without flaw. Most buyers would be happy to repaint and revamp a bit. However, what they are not willing to do is replace roofs, fix foundation issues or anything else that comes for a pretty penny.

When you sell your home as move-in ready, you can also raise the price on the home. If you decide that the roof is outdated and in need of replacement, it can be smart to pay for the roof revamp and charge more for your home. While it might make your moving process a bit longer, your home will sell faster and easier because you won’t have to worry about disclosing that the roof needs to be replaced – a major turn off for buyers.

Replacing Your Roof Before Sale

If your roof is a few years old and really only needs a few shingles replaced, if you take care of that or disclose that to the buyers because that is not a major issue that will scare them away. However, a roof that is visibly old can be scary for potential buyers because they start to imagine all of the possible issues that might pop up once the roofers get out there. Most real estate agents will recommend that you replace it so that your home can sell faster because realistically, a home in need of a new roof just will not sell.

If you’re planning to sell but need to make a few touch-ups beforehand, give us a call at Carolina’s Best Roofers to that we can properly estimate what needs to be done and take care of it for you. By getting a professional roofing company on-site, we can accurately determine what needs to be done and help you stay in your price range so that you can make the most profit off of your home.